Exhibitions at PAF: new installation by Delong & Slama in a cellar, Pauline Curnier Jardin’s solo show & more.

Part of the festival opening on Thursday Dec 7th will be the classic chain of exhibition openings of seven different exhibitions spread across the historical centre of the city including the basement of the Metropol Cinema or comupter displays in the Press center.  Check Programme for more details about the opening times.

Petr Krátký: Howell St
XY Gallery, 7.12. – 31.1.2018

Howell Street is located in the College Hill district of Providence in the US state of Rhode Island. In 2011, it was the scene of events centred around house No.199, which resulted in a series of film records directly related to Petr Krátký.



Pauline Curnier Jardin: Grotta Profunda (the moody chasm)
U Mloka Gallery, 7.12.- 21.12.2017

Grotta Profunda is a stunning visual spectacle story about a deep cave in the French Pyrenees that would become the scene of the religious exaltation of the young nun Bernadette. After a vision of the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary, she is flooded with an all-embracing love and thrown into the cave’s womb, where she becomes a shocked witness to Pasolini’s extravagant cosmogonic scenes, revealing the mystique and essence of humanity. Did she find herself in the divine womb or grotto of bodily sin?



Marie Hájková, Petr Šprincl: Genesis
Vitrína Deniska, 7.12.-5.1.2018

“Light the fire, we will not let our wine and crackling be taken!” The audiovisual production by Marie Hájková and Petr Šprincl creates a rich iconography that transcends the medium of the moving image. The installation of Genesis refers to the upcoming part of an endless series about Moravia, Beautiful Land, as well as to the birth of a new national costume, and a new nationalism that will lead to the destruction of all Moravia, that is, the world.



Marek Delong, Anna Slama: Sugar Hunter’s Feast
Metropol Cinema basement, 7.12.- 10.12. 2017

Marek Delong and Anna Slama are an artistic couple whose art has developed in relation to working with the materiality and emotional charge of objects. In the video Sugar Hunter’s Feast, they work with marionettes created by invited artists, using the “ritual animation” method, which returns the artists to the magical world of children’s games.



Krist Wood: Vulv
Konvikt Press centre/ScreenSaverGallery, 7.12.- 10.12.2017

Internet artist Krist Wood is famous for his minimalist web pages with digitally painted images containing sensual scenes of heavily idealized landscapes that occupy a space somewhere halfway between dreams, the internet and maybe some other place. His work Vulv (2014) is included in a series of videos and images with mysterious light effects and a number of symbolic references. Exhibition can be downloaded to your own device at http://screensaver.metazoa.org.



Jonáš Strouhal: Dr. Mozek
Attic Gallery, 7.12.-10.12.2017

Dr. Brain is a laboratory, an operating theatre and a studio all in one, where you can try out different ways to hack your own brain. Thanks to the neurofeedback technique, a volunteer test subject paints with their eye movements in virtual space: if their attention slips the line breaks off, almost as if the colour has gone. But the brain wants to finish the work.



Atrium, 7.12.- 10.12.2017

This year’s selection from Other Visions CZ 2017, overseen by the director of the Prague Futura Gallery and one of the most influential Czech curators Michal Novotný, alarmingly points out how the first euphoric experience of the Internet has quickly turned into a dystopian vision of a dominant reality.



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